Leipzigterian greetings!

This year we're trying to fill the sky with

C o l o u r s

For our first iteration we supplied the glass tube with 100 LEDcopters. There are four buckets containing 25 LEDcopters each, spread around the glass tube.

Share, participate, meet

1. Fold the plastic wings in any way you think it will float. Don't be afraid to try new things!

2. Shoot it up in the air, using the rubbber slingshot.

3. SAFETY HINT: Protect your fingers with your sleeve!

They are prone to failure and could lead to cleanup overhead. For operational orientation we brainstormed for some best practises, might be amended during our test run.

* *

LED stopped blinking: Push and wiggle the LED inside the socket until it comes back to life.

Wing is broken: Use some tape! Just tape it back together.

* *

Security and safety
Protect your fingers with your sleeve while operating the LEDcopter!

Please make sure to test your design somewhere safe.

Don't forget to wear your tinfoil hat for protection.

* *

Sustainability && Helicopter sharing
Please return the helicopters to one of the boxes for others to play.

Please try to repair currupt LEDcopters with whatever you have available. We have some tape in the supply boxes.

If repair fails put the LEDcopter in the box marked with a red X for others to try to repair it.

be excellent to each other